Getting it right

If you are in business to make a profit, and are successful  – and let’s hope you are! – then you will be paying tax, and indeed a number of taxes: VAT, PAYE, NI, Corporation Tax to name but a few.

Our service ensures that you pay the right amount of tax – no rash promises of slashing tax bills, just a commitment to get it right, pure and simple. It covers everything from looking at the VAT scheme you are on to the expenses you are claiming and those you aren’t but could be.

We will also let you know if we think that something will not be accepted by HMRC, and let you know why this is.

We advise clients to provide us with all the information for their tax return as soon as they can. The sooner your tax return is filed, the sooner you know how much you have to pay or how much you can reclaim.

Remember, there are penalties for late filing of returns. Tax planning is time-sensitive and subject to change without notice due to legislative implementation.


“Kath is an absolute life saver when dealing with my company accounts and ensuring that all my tax returns are made accurately and in a timely manner. Kath’s patience, expertise and meticulous attention to detail has provided me with the confidence to concentrate on my day to day business and let C&M deal with all the ‘other stuff’ that would otherwise eat into my day and distract from running my business. I can’t recommend C&M and Kath enough”

–Lauren Chiren, Chiren Consulting Ltd

“I have been successfully trading for the last 6 months, during the initial and subsequent phases of my business Kath ‘s advice and support has proved invaluable, Kath has the rare quality of accurately explaining complex concepts in layman’s terms and i would recommend her unreservedly to anyone requiring accountancy services.”

–Simon Fry, self-employed consultant

Email us today or call us on 0117 322 6159, to see how we can help you best.

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