We work with start-ups looking to grow, SMEs who want to outsource bookkeeping, tax and accountancy requirements, and contractors who don’t have the time, expertise or inclination to manage their finances themselves. We are particularly well placed to help professional and technical contractors who have a specific set of complex accounting needs, as they set up in business and move from placement to placement.

Providing clients with ecommerce expertise

Shower Glass has a product range of more than 1,500 items and offer next-day shipping to the UK and EU. They had chosen to use the BigCommerce cart system.

They approached us to support their exciting venture from the outset, and we set up the new company, registered it with HMRC and recommended efficient bookkeeping accounting platforms. This streamlined their finances, leaving the business owners free to concentrate on further growth.

Shower Glass has since become an authority in its niche. With our support, they are confidently running a business with real-time and accurate financial data, ensuring they are tracking and budgeting for tax liabilities.

The director at Shower Glass said, “C&M has given me the confidence to side-step the mundane and time-consuming bookkeeping work I have previously done. I can now focus on cash flow, profit tracking and my tax obligations, giving me more time to focus on the business. We work with them regularly to share ideas as to how we can further streamline bookkeeping and finances and this has led more recently to the adoption of Hubdoc, which auto enters key expenses and provides an app for taking photos of small receipts which often get lost, resulting in the loss of VAT and tax relief. Without doubt, I would recommend C&M to anyone considering a start-up business or who runs an ecommerce business and needs more specialised support from their accountant.”

Team together

Saving our clients valuable time

John, a courier, came to us feeling overwhelmed. He was spending a huge amount of time tracking his invoices and working out who had paid what. With a large number of customers and little time at home to sort out paperwork, he needed some help. We set John up on a cloud-based platform, which uploaded his bank transactions in real time. We were able to access his external software which generated his job sheets and billing and import these into the accounting platform, to avoid any duplication.

We now carry out monthly bookkeeping for John and look after his cash flow by ensuring all his invoices are paid. As John is using an online platform, he has the added advantage of seeing how his VAT bill is growing, which allows him to plan for the next VAT payment. John said, “I can highly recommend Kath and all the team at C&M.”

client meeting

Advising our clients on setting up a new company

UI developer Mike approached us to set up a limited company for his new business, HDS Dev Ltd. Mike was new to running a business so we formed the company, registered him for taxes and ensured he was ready to meet any changes as they arose. This has included payroll real time reporting, auto enrolment and making tax digital.

Mike said, “Being new to the world of running a limited company, C&M walked me through what was necessary and made things easy to understand. Always approachable, friendly and happy to discuss anything that wasn’t clear. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone looking for a top-notch accountant.”


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