As your business grows, the initial excitement about reconciling your bank and keeping transactions up to date can wear off – while your paperwork piles up. If you’ve run out of time to do your own bookkeeping, pass it over to a team of experts.

Once you have a true picture of your books, you can see how much profit you’re making and plan for any tax and VAT liabilities. You can also use tools within the cloud platform to make sure you get paid. Automatic reminders and collection of due invoices are just a couple of examples of how online applications can help your cashflow, too.  

Using C&M Accountants for your bookkeeping gives you the peace of mind that your books are clean and compliant, and you’re complying with all financial regulations that apply to your business. We live and breathe tax and VAT rules, so if HMRC carries out a random audit on your business, you can feel reassured that everything is in place. And if HMRC selects you for a random VAT audit, we will support you at the meeting at our offices.

We are happy to prepare your annual accounts <link> as well, or if you already have an accountant, we can pre-empt their questions and prepare your books in the format they need, so you don’t pay them any additional fees. 

We take time to understand your business, what you need and how quickly. You can then choose from a choice of options and pricing that suits your circumstances, with monthly payment plans available.

Key Benefits of using C&M
  • Future-focused
  • Online expertise
  • Supportive team
  • Transparency
  • Compliance


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